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Hello! My name is Dr. Susanto, but everyone calls me Dr. Melisa. My specialty training equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary to care for my favorite patients, kids!


I spent half of my childhood in Indonesia, where there were no pediatric dentists. Since I needed a lot of dental work growing up, I understand how scary a visit to the dentist can be for a young child. When I learned that brushing and flossing every day, eating well and getting regular dental check-ups, can lessen my visits to the dentist, my own anxiety of the dentist diminished over time.

This is why, as a pediatric dentist, my passion is to eliminate dental anxiety by emphasizing the importance of preventive care and therefore reducing the need for dental treatment. Now, if a child does end up requiring dental work, that’s okay too! My greatest pride is helping my patients develop skills to overcome what can sometimes be a stressful experience. My team and I will try our hardest to make each dental visit as easy, painless, and fun as possible.

When not practicing dentistry, you can find me out and about trying local restaurants, reading a good book while cuddling with my cat, Kitty (who typically, does not want to be cuddled), or running with my dog, Ninja (aka my covert excuse for playing Pokemon Go).


• Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry – University of California, Los Angeles

• Doctor of Dental Surgery – University of California, Los Angeles School of Dentistry

• Master of Science in Pediatric Dentistry – University of Michigan School of Dentistry



Dental Assistant/Patient Coordinator

Hello, my name is Miguelina but everyone calls me Miggie. I graduated from Eton Technical Institute in 2005 as a dental assistant. Since then, I have pursued a career in pediatric dentistry because of my love for children.  As a pediatric dental assistant at Little Sprouts, my goal is to give each kid the best experience at the dentist from a young age. I enjoy working here because I get to spend more quality time with our patients and their family while also developing great relationships with the rest of our amazing dental staff. In my spare time, I like to spend it with my family – from taking my 2 dogs out on a walk with my husband to learning to ride a motorcycle. 


Dental Assistant

Hi, my name is Demetria but you can call me Dee! I graduated from Clover Park Technical College as a dental assistant in 2009 and have worked in pediatric dentistry ever since. I enjoy working with children because they keep me on my toes and there's never a dull moment! Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my two children, playing board games or video games, shopping or watching a good movie. I will do my best to provide the most amazing dental experience for both you and your child. 


Dental Assistant

Hey everybody, my name is Makenze! Unlike the other assistants that I work with, I actually didn’t go to school prior to becoming a dental assistant. My original career path was teaching and I graduated with a bachelors in education. I always knew that I wanted to work with children regardless of what I was doing — but as someone who grew up insecure about their smile, there is something so satisfying about making sure that my patients were confident in theirs! Now I plan on furthering my education and eventually becoming a hygienist. When I’m not working, I love spending time with my family and friends and I also really enjoy doing just about anything outdoors when Washington’s weather will allow it, haha! 

Jackie 2.jpg


Dental Assistant

Hello everyone, my name is Jackie! I have been a pediatric dental assistant since 2021 and have loved every moment of it. Growing up, I didn’t have the best relationship with my dentist and know how scary it can be. It is my goal to make sure your little one feels safe and make brushing fun! I'm also currently in school to become a dental hygienist so I can help even more smiles. When I’m not working, you can find me at home with my four fur babies and husband, going on runs, or baking!

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